What happened to our sportsmanship these days?

Hello SMAC! 

Today you are going to see an unusual post that you would normally see on SMAC, like about CP armies. Click “Read More”, to read on.

Here’s the question to start off the topic with. What happened to respect? Back in the old days when I joined CP armies, they would ACTUALLY congratulate each other for winning a war, not like cussing at each other with poor sportsmanship, like we do today. Some armies even HACK other army’s leaders/troops to win a battle in the war. As you can see here this is really sad. I mean, think of this yourself. Have you noticed this happening around armies? Have you ever been in an army, and your army’s leader, or the opposing army’s leader, have poor sportsmanship? Well, for those of you who don’t really understand what I am saying, here’s and example.

Army A VS Army B

Army A is losing the battle.

Their leader plans to shut down the other army’s leader.


Army B’s  leader computer shuts down.

They have no leader to lead them.

They lose the battle.

See what I mean? This is been happening, not only in big, major armies. Some small/medium armies has been doing this as well. There’s also been site defacing, and things like hacking chats, doxing, and all that nonsense about armies hating/disliking each other. Seriously? I guess to those people sportsmanship is not a word to them, nor sportsmanship have a meaning to them. Even some people except bribes to hack/deface sites on another army. People who do this are a disgrace to armies. However, some armies have been keeping sportsmanship alive. I noticed when DW vs AR, Dark Warriors admitted defeat, and came on Army Republic’s chat and congratulate them. I hope this post changes, and fixes your opinion about sportsmanship, since we need that in armies now.

So where do you think this is going to head to? Is sportsmanship going to revive? Or is the cold, dark world of cyber bullying will continue?… Comment your opinion!

Thanks for your time!


SMAC Reporter


8 Responses

  1. If we get rid of Pain and Water, all will be nice. Im good friends with both, but they start massive flame wars.


  2. We Need Fights


  3. I didn’t come here to see a stupid philosophy post..


  4. I know what you mean. I was in armies 3 1/2 years ago, and it was much better then this.


    • Naw not for me…
      We were hacked by some cookies leader


  5. Reblogged this on ccmofcp and commented:
    This states what I DON’T want our army to do. ever.


  6. Hackers hack because their jealous of that army and knows that army is better than his.


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