Editorial: The Problem with CP Armies today

Klondike, SMAC Headquarters – When one looks around, they would probably not see any problems with the community that surrounds them. For this person, everything would seem normal. That person, most likely you, was born in this generation of armies.  However, I was not.  It is painful to sit back today and watch this vast and wondrous community that I helped build crumble before my feet.  There is absolutely nothing I can do to fix armies, but I can attempt to open eyes.  That is exactly what this post is meant for.  Please read this post closely and attempt to grasp the full meaning behind it.  It is not that hard to comprehend.

Table of Contents:

  1. Our history
  2. Issues with the community/veering from the goal
  3. Possible solutions

Our history

The Color Wars – World War I:

Armies began long ago.  People played Club Penguin for fun.  These were young kids.  They took pleasure in interacting with others through a virtual online game.  What we call “rogues” and look down upon today, were once these average everyday players.  A group of these penguins gathered together on Club Penguin based on their color similarities alone and began “attacking” others with snowballs.  They were having fun.  More groups began to do the same.  These groups formed around 2006.  This was the beginning of the Color Wars, otherwise known today as World War I.


One of the few images today of the color wars.

Obviously, armies have grown since then.  The armies in the Color Wars were not as impressive as today, but they were very impressive during their time.  Armies began to flourish, websites were created, and armies all around became very organized and structured.  Thus, we prospered.  These “rogues” were what created what we have today through something as small as color similarities alone.  Since then, people began to corrupt what was once just plain fun.  Today, this corruption is unmistakable.

Issues with the community/veering from the goal

Today, armies focus too much on being “great” instead of just having fun.  The goal of an army is to tear apart another army out of pure hatred alone.  This is not fun at all.  These “wars” today have become political.  They are wars based off of power-hungry individuals in armies that attempt to destroy another army to increase their overall power.  Do you have a republic government?  A democratic government?  A communist government?  A dictatorship government?  Perhaps these “governments” are just a dictatorship in disguise.  You can call a government whatever you want, but with the sole goal of armies today being to gain the most power and size, to tear apart and destroy other armies to elevate your own army, and to strive to be the “greatest” individual and army, you are a dictatorship if anything.  Armies care about being large, being great, and striving to be the number one army.

This is no longer meant as a way for ALL of Club Penguin to have fun playing.  Armies today are meant only as a way of gaining power and respect.  When Club Penguin stops being fun, when armies trash other armies for their own power and pride, when the normal Club Penguin members are looked down upon for helping during events, we have a problem.  We have a BIG problem, and army sizes fall as a result.  Governments have made this game, not a game, but something that causes people to be hacked, scammed, websites to be “defaced”, chats to be hacked, and players to cheat by logging on with multiple penguins in order to obtain the largest numbers possible.  For what?  To get a higher rank on a top ten alone.

Along with the governments and prideful, power-hungry individuals who call themselves “army/government leaders”, we are corrupted in many other ways.  When an army is capable of including these normal members we call rogues and opens their door to CP armies, that army gets looked down upon because they “only have __ on chat” or “__ of them are just rogues”.  Armies began from rogues.  Armies began without chats.  Armies began with online Club Penguin tactic calls alone.  A size on an online chat should be completely separated from the numbers that the army gets online.  The goal of Club Penguin armies used to be to have fun and to recruit more “rogues” to armies in order to grow the overall size of the CP army community, now it is to get the highest “rank” amongst armies.  Since when do we frown upon attempts to grow the community?  Since when do we frown upon rogues not being allowed in CP armies?  Since when do we put a limit on what is considered an army and what isn’t?  THIS is why armies now are falling, specifically small/medium armies.  They are much smaller today than they used to be, because we close off the doors to new recruits, or noobs/rogues, joining armies.

I remember when the number 1 army could produce amazing results of 100+ covering many rooms/servers on CP, today 50+ is seen as incredible and impossible.  I once helped lead the Golden Troops, my pride and joy, to the number one spot on the top 10 large army.  I have led numerous top 10 large armies in my career.  I have been around armies since I was a young child and have witnessed armies falling slowly and slowly.

Possible solutions

In this post, I have spoke about news sites, xat chat, and governments  as if they were a negative aspect of CP armies..  They are not this and actually help to strengthen the community.  Army news sites are a wonderful addition to Club Penguin armies.  They are far from the problem and actually help toward the solution.  Army news sites provide a way for armies to interact, see other army’s events, read about important army news, get size rankings, learn about new armies, and to promote their army.  Xat chat is also far from the problem.  Chat is a wonderful way to interact with soldiers of the same army and make friends with one another.  Chat provides a way to have organized battles and better ways to call out more sophisticated commands during a battle.  Governments are not the problem also as they can help to structure the way an army is set up.

The problem with CP armies today lies with the mindset and motives of armies and their leaders.  The overall goal of Club Penguin armies should not be to be the greatest, but the goal should be to strengthen the community as a whole.  This in return will strengthen your in particular army as well.  We need to open the door to more younger kids playing Club Penguin.  We need to actually get on Club Penguin and recruit, bringing new, young, fresh kids into the world of Club Penguin armies.  Around 83% of the people in Club Penguin armies today are  hand-me-downs from past generations.  What are we going to do when they retire?  We will fall even more than we already have as they are the ones keeping this community alive.  We need to make this a more family friendly place to be.  I am not saying we need to make this rated G, but we need to get rid of the hacking, threats, and defacing.  Nobody wants to come into a community thinking that they may be unsafe here.  The fact that we now have armies named “Satanists” and other names alike just goes to show how low our community has gone.


This post is up for debate, please share your opinion.  Anybody and everybody’s personal opinion is accepted here, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with me.  This post is opinionated, and I would love your response.

Are CP armies falling?  Where will they be in 10 years?  Have CP armies become corrupted?  Do we really close off the doors to new, young recruits? 

Comment your thoughts below!


Small Medium Army Central Executive Producer

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  1. Please feel free to voice your opinion! We would love to hear it.


  2. Cool post


  3. great post 🙂


  4. We need a philosopher


  5. Great post! Where will armies be in 10 years? Honestly, I’ll be astounded if they still exist at this rate.


  6. I just read the whole thing before I really read this 😉


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