Teutons Declare War On Blue Troops

Winterland, Blue Troops’ Nation – In a recent and unforeseen turn of events, the Teutons, a well known major army, has declared war on SMAC’s 2nd place army for last week – the Blue Troops. Why was war declared, what does this mean for both armies, and what will be the final outcome?

On October 21st, 2016, Teutons leader, Brigade, released a post onto their site, entitled “Song to Jd/Declaration of War on Blue Troops”. In this, it is expressed why war is being declared – in the unusual format of a song. You can read part of the declaration below, or be redirected to it by clicking here.

I’m living my patience and my motivation,I put them on separate teams. Maybe I found someone I really need? Well, baby, you with it or not. Not important, cause what you do to me.You help me find my sense of urgency and time flies.I wish I would have met with someone psychic. Cause my, my, it took some time for me to realize it.
Cause today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Why take any longer, the feeling’s getting stronger. No, I can’t wait, I can’t wait anymore, cause today is yesterday’s tomorrow. I ain’t Nostradamus, but the future is upon us. No, I can’t wait, I can’t wait anymore.Anymore, yeah.

I know that you’re hoping that this is The Notebook but baby as you will see. Mr. Gosling ain’t got nothing on me. Like oh when alley, when Harry Met Sally. We knew this’d have to be, the kind of love that lasts eternally.

And I know that some will say that it could end in heartbreak.But my dear, you only fear the chances that we don’t take.


In the above, it is implicitly stated that the army can’t “wait anymore” to declare war, and that despite it taking them a while to realise, it is time for them to declare war on the army. With the title of the post stating that the song is dedicated to Jd, it’s possible that this declaration has been made during an act of appreciation between the two leaders or something of the like.

On the self-same day, a short, yet official, statement was published onto the Blue Troops’ site, disclosing their thoughts on the newly made declaration.

teutons have declared war on us😄 they have nothing better to do then fight a smac army im so scared of “teuton troop”

From the above, we can see that the Blue Troops are rather amused by the fact that a major army has declared war on an army of significantly lower standards. They also show their attitude towards the notice through sarcasm – stating that they are “so scared” of a “teuton troop”. By putting “teuton troop” into quotation marks, the Blue Troops may be referring to the recent accusations which have aroused in the community in regards to the Teutons and multilogging, perhaps indicating that they are firm believers of the rumour.

Personally, I feel that it was rather unruly of the Teutons to declare war on an army which holds such a significant disadvantage, and that the Blue Troops could be in more danger than it seems. However, should the Teutons unexpectedly take a tumble, the Blue Troops could still have hope in exiting the war unscathed.

What do YOU think? Will the Blue Troops suffer from the war? Are the Teutons in the wrong for declaring war on such a small army? What will be the final outcome? Ensure to comment your thoughts below. Here at SMAC, we value YOUR opinions!


CPAWM Board of Directors


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  2. “Cause today is yesterday’s tomorrow” – Brigade3 2k16

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