Brigade3 Launches Anti-Doxing Petition

NORTH POLE, Teutons’ Nation After being doxed by a member of the community, S/M leader, Brigade3 has launched an online petition (link can be found here) and urges all members of the UK CPA community to sign it.

Brigade3 is an influential member of the community. Apart from his work in the major armies of recent years, he has created his own significant creations such as the Teutons, a major modern powerhouse. Also, Brigade has created the Omegas- a famous medium army. He also led the COBRA army which was one of the best S/M armies in SMAC in 2015 winning many awards.


One Of The Many Awards Brigade3 Has Won At SMAC

Now he has made it his duty to eradicate one of the reasons the community is in decline: hacking. He thinks that one of the worst things for an army to do is dox and DDoS attack. For those of you who don’t know doxing is where you reveal personal information of someone online. This has happened to Brigade3 and many other famous leaders such as Badboy. Brigade3 was a recent victim of having private photos of himself from 5 years ago leaked and one of his joking voice reveals uploaded to YouTube by the leaders of the Golds Army as a war tool. He now started a petition to stop it.

So far, the petition is gaining roughly around 60+ signatures in a day. The only people who can sign it are UK citizens which has been restricting a vast majority of the community from taking part. However, the Leeds United Army, the Teutons and the Nachos have endorsed the petition. This means that the petition is bound to gain publicity. Brigade3 urges people also to share on social media (Facebook and Twitter) to get the 10,000 signatures needed.


SMAC: Why did you start the petition?

Brigade3: To make doxing illegal in the UK. People like the Night Rebels and the Golds repeatedly leak my personal information to their xat groups. I have contacted CrimeStoppers and they could not help me, maybe you guys can.

SMAC: Why is doxing so bad?

Brigade3: How would you like it if I uploaded you to YouTube and posted your address online along with your real name?

SMAC: How realistic is your goal of 10,000 signatures?

Brigade3: If the community endorses it very realistic. I am getting the school I go to in real life to endorse it, after seeing the school counsellor who helped me get over my depression which arose after the dox.

SMAC: Any last words?

Brigade3: Sign it @


Personally, I signed the petition. I think the whole community needs to stand united against the evil that is hacking. It is in the interests of us all to help keep recruits safe if we are to thrive and continue to have a role in Club Penguin. We cannot allow any more recruits to be scared off. I ask you all to please sign the petition.

What do YOU think?  Will the petition succeed? Will Brigade3 be doxed again by the Golds? What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR opinion in the comments below! Here at SMAC, we value your opinion!


SMA Central Reporter


SMA Central Temporary Editor


7 Responses

  1. Everyone should sign it


    • make it for every country


  2. Good post!


  3. I signed it now Brigade has 86 signatures!


  4. I would sign but i. In us


  5. i would sign it but
    i dont rly care, and its of no importance to me or maybe it is and im being stupid


  6. sorry brigade but depression from being doxed c’mon we need to talk


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