Tiger Warriors Enter Lock Down

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Tiger Warriors’ Nation – After going through several defacements and retirements of their most loved leaders, the Tiger Warriors have finally entered lockdown. Will the Tiger Warriors return or is this truly the end for them?

The Tiger Warriors have had a long journey beginning in mid-2013. Under the leadership of Bull Hour, their first three generations went fairly well, gaining standard sizes for a small army at that time and reaching reasonable positions on the top ten. In their fourth-generation which happened earlier in 2016, leaders, Bull Hour and Olimad managed to ignite a golden generation in the army bringing sizes they’ve never seen before and reaching major standards. Loyalty and motivation were main values in the army which helped them get into top 3 on the SMA Central Top Ten.

In their most recent generation, they started out with a huge blow, a chat defacement. Quickly recovering, they welcomed the return of Vishal, Tiger Warriors legend, who led the army into the top 8 of our Top Ten. With a strong leadership of Bull, Vishal, Jay, Astro & Olimad, they made their army go through one of their best generation yet. They’ve reached an impressive 10th place on the CPAC Top ten.

Unfortunately, though, all good things must come to an end and that time came for the Tiger Warriors. After the shock retirement of Lord Jay, a dedicated leader of the army, as well as, the departure of Astro who helped the army become a powerful AUSIA super power, everything fell apart. Their final event was a training session which they maxed 3.


A Tiger Warrior’s Event Where They Maxed 3.

On October 6th, Vishal, leader of the Tiger Warriors, announced the army was heading into a lockdown. Before they headed into a hibernation, Bull Hour released a post saying that the Tiger Warriors will be “Shutting down for a few days for site development and other matters.” But that decision was overturned by Vishal and the army headed into a lockdown instead. Below you can see the announcement but you can see the full post here & here.

With schools (and collages for me) are back in full swing, our leaders will not be active up to the mark. So I Vishal announce temporary lockdown for least this week.

The Club Penguin Tiger Warrior (now Tiger Warriors) will return when Bull Hour, CPTW’s (now TW) creator and legend, announces it’s reopening, we will return soon (very soon).

-Vishal, Tiger Warriors leader

In the above, you can see that Vishal’s reason for shutting the Tiger Warriors down is that he is too busy with education matters and that he will not be as active as much. Even though he said that the army will be on lockdown for a week, it has been more than 3 weeks which sparks concerns of their future. However, Vishal has told SMAC that this is not the end of these Warriors and that they will make a comeback in this lacking community sometime in the future.


In my opinion, the Tiger Warriors have been a fairly successful army. Even though they’ve had many ups and downs, they still managed to break through and conquer the community. They’ve probably been one of the biggest success stories this year. The Tiger Warriors have been a huge success and every single troop of theirs should be proud of themselves.


What do YOU think? Will the Tiger Warriors return? Or is this the end of CP Tigers? Make sure you comment your thoughts down below! Here at SMAC, we value YOUR opinion!


SMA Central Associate Producer


SMA Central Temporary Editor


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