Welcome to Small and Medium Army Central!

Club Penguin Small/Medium Army Central (CPSMAC) is a news site specializing in reporting about small and medium army news. Since 2010, we’ve been been providing comprehensive news reports, along with philosophy and tournaments. We continue to make SMAC not only the best source for small and medium army news, but a true center for all small and medium armies.

Vision & Mission

We envision a news site that serves the small and medium army community to the best of its abilities. It is a site run by the community, for the community.

We achieve this vision by:

  • Reporting and writing philosophy: At the core of SMAC’s mission is to provide for you fast and reliable news about happenings in the small and medium army world. Whether it be war declarations, battles, or leadership changes, we’ve got you covered when it comes to small and medium armies. And we’re not just fast reporters; we’re also high-quality reporters. SMAC posts are detailed and insightful.
  • Creating top ten lists: Every week, we provide a roundup of the top ten best performing small and medium armies. These top tens are unbiased, accurate and will help you understand your army’s performance in relation to other armies, and also the state of the small and medium army world at the time of the top ten’s posting.
  • Providing information resources: SMAC also has a variety of informative resources that all members of the army community can view. These include comprehensive leader biographies, army descriptions and small and medium army legends.

Core Values

News sites must act responsibly, ethically and creatively. We pledge to uphold the following core values:

  • Accuracy and Objectivity: We seek the truth and use multiple sources of information. We do not distort information and we write our reports in an objective, unbiased manner. We recognize the power of the media and we will use it wisely.
  • Innovation: As the Club Penguin army community changes, we adapt to these changes through innovation. We are constantly seeking to find new ways of doing things, and testing out new products and ideas.
  • Community: We are a community-oriented site. Our news, pages, and events are all here to serve the community, and run by the army community. We recognize that we are a part of the community, not above it, and as such we must do our best to serve it.

 Our Staff

Chief Executive Officer:


Executive Producer:


Vice President:


Editor in Chief:


Associate Producer:


SMAC Reporters:




Reporters in Training:






Divisional Managers:

Supa Em



Board of Directors:









 Staff Legends

This includes SM Army Press’ staff legends due to the site merge.  The personnel from SM Army Press will be noted with a red “*.”

 Over the course of SMAC’s history, there have been a number of individuals who have contributed a substantial amount to make SMAC what it is today. From all of SMAC’s current upper staff, we thank the legends for what they have done.


Grant was the original Head of Site. Grant worked very hard for SMAC, and without him, the site would not be as great as it is now. He wasn’t an inactive Owner either. He posted a lot, made pages, made events, hired workers when needed, fired them when inactive, made great choices, and did great things for SMAC. He was the first Head of the Site, but he is now retired from all CP Army related things.


Bluesockwa1 founded the site that is known today as SM Army Press. Through a deal with CP Army Focus, Blue1 put together a team that built the site you see today. Without his influence and the influence of CP Army World Media, which he founded, SMAP would not have seen the electric rise it did in early 2014. It is because of Bluesockwa1 that the vision of a new small and medium army news leader was realised. Bluesockwa1 later brokered the deal between SM Army Press and SM Army Central.


Skloop is the founder of SMAC. Although he did not create any of the pages or do any of the work in building the site, with the exception of hiring the first group of staff, he deserves SMAC legend status simply for founding SMAC. If he did not, you would not be reading this page today.


Without Blaze, the day-to-day operations of SM Army Press would be much less successful. Blaze served as the CEO of CP Army Focus prior to the SMAP Reformation and brokered the deal with Bluesockwa1 that led to the site you see today. After Blaze helped reform his old site, he managed the daily operations of SM Army Press, hiring staff, shaping its community influence, and following investigative reports in the S/M Community.


A former Reporter, Head Reporter, and Secondary Head, Spike has worked very hard for SMAC as well. He helped make it more popular, and higher quality. Spikeike has done a lot for SMAC and for that, he is rewarded with a spot on this page. He truly is a SMAC legend.


Superoo13 was a member of the team that founded SM Army Press. Originally serving as a member of Bluesockwa1’s administration at CPA Central, Superoo13 was a close advisor to all of CPAWM, helping it to maintain influence and a powerful community outreach in both the large and small/medium army sectors. Superoo was an innovator of tournaments and site formatting here at SM Army Press and has served as a father figure to the site in its early months.


Riotors became an instant hit after given a job here by Grant42. Riotors made it up to Head Reporter in less than 2 weeks, and eventually became Secondary Head. Then, he was promoted to Head of Site after writing copious amounts of quality posts and successfully managing many projects + staff. He has had many ideas and even pages created out of these ideas to help further extend the high quality of SMAC.


Mchappy’s influence in the modern times of both large and small/medium armies is enormous. Responsible for a golden era of the Army of CP, Mchappy served in Bluesockwa1’s CPA Central Administration before retiring in 2013. After this, he returned to CP Army World Media and took a job as CEO of SM Army Press following the short term of Lucario564. As CEO, Mchappy instilled a new level of quality among his reporters and a determination to be the best small/medium site in the community.

Kooldude 247

Kooldude has been one of the most active Head Reporters in SMAC and has taken on many challenges in reporting. He has written the Small and Medium Top 10 and has received many complaints that came with it those posts.  He has also given all his effort when he did his job. He became a Head of Site after Grant but then made himself an Adviser.


Pungy began reporting for SMAC in late 2011, during the days of Grant42. He quickly made his way up to Head Reporter, where he stayed for approximately three months. He was then promoted to Secondary Head, and later assumed a position as SMAC Head, alongside Splasher99. Pungy’s numerous contributions cannot be counted, as it would make this summary too long.


Succeeding Blaze as Chief Executive Officer of SM Army Press, the challenges Garrett faced were many from the beginning. He overcame the hurdles facing him in the beginning and assembled a powerful administrative team that helped to keep SM Army Press the best small/medium news site the community had to offer. Garrett remained a constant at SM Army Press for many months while others in the administration were changing, and continues to drive SMAP toward a higher standard of excellence.


He was a great Head who led SMAC through its highest and lowest points. He led SMAC through what was known as the ‘Expansion’ period when SMAC’s network started to grow with other sites such as the CPA Directory and the Reporter Training Center. Splasher retired in the Autumn/Fall of 2012 but still advises the site that he helped to make so great.

Lord Andy*

Of the multiple people who oversaw SM Army Press alongside Garrett, Lord Andy was the most notable. A member of the newly-flourishing AUSIA Division, Andy ascended to the rank of Chief Executive Officer in only a few months. This was due to his attention to detail, personality, and skill as a reporter. After stepping down from the rank of CEO, Andy has taken multiple other roles on the site, as both Chief Operative Officer and Executive Producer.


Bepboy9 succeeded Splasher as CEO and was to lead the site alongside Pungy. He soon made a name for himself as CEO but felt as if his co-worker, Pungy was too inactive and this caused a number of conflicts between the two but despite this, he was still able to lead SMAC to success until he was forced to step down after Pungy and his conflicts got worse. He officially returned as CEO alongside Adro for a second run in March 2014 as the competition was heating up against SMAP.

Zing King To*

Succeeding Supa Em after her brief run as CEO of SM Army Press was Zing King To, a strong leader and an even stronger worker, leading to him also achieving the rank in a relatively brief space of time. As Chief Executive Officer — and even before that, as Executive Producer — Zing inspired his staff. He constantly pushed the boundaries of what SMAP could be, advancing its way of handling the news and its social media boundaries. Zing continues to apply this philosophy of innovation to SMAP today.


First becoming SMAC CEO in April 2014, retiring not long after, Jodie proved herself to SMA Central during her 2nd term, commencing in July 2015. After bringing SMAC’s succession to the optimum point of its existence during the summer months, Jodie is now one of the most memorable single SMA Central Chief Executive Officer who is now retired.


Christohper1 embodies what it means to be a loyal and respectful staff member in SM Army Press. Christopher issued in philosophy into SM Army Press and also revolutionised it in Club Penguin Media. It’s with that bright thinking and loyal work ethic that we induct Christohper1 to staff legend. Chris has also had several other roles as well as just Philosopher helping with the day to day running of the site and also several columns such as the Top Ten.


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