Brigade3 Launches Anti-Doxing Petition

NORTH POLE, Teutons’ Nation After being doxed by a member of the community, S/M leader, Brigade3 has launched an online petition (link can be found here) and urges all members of the UK CPA community to sign it. Continue reading


DarkLink2314 Removed From Green Warriors’ Leadership

Glacier, GreenWarriors Capital – In recent days a lot of weird chaos has been going on in the Green Warriors and one of them is the “God-father” of the army, Wenny3 removing DarkLink2314 from the leadership. What does this mean for the future of the army?

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SMA Central AUSIA Bash [Sign Ups]

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters – Entering the month of April, it has reached the time of year again where we let the finest armies of the community show off their AUSIA division in a one-day bash against numerous other armies, each fighting for the final victorious glory.

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Nachos Drop From Major Standards

BLIZZARD, Nachos Empire – After managing to stay in major army standards for multiple weeks, with their position last being 5th in CPAC, the Nachos have seen a slight fall in their sizes. Recently during this week they’ve come back to top that however, but will it be enough?

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Time Lords get Defaced

Update #2: I’ve received more information regarding the deface. The post will be updated as more information is received. Updates will be located at the bottom.

Update: Interview with Tamiyami has been added below

UNKNOWN SERVER, Time Lords Nation – Earlier today, the Time Lords suffered from a malevolent site deface. The Time Lords was an army rising among the rankings, but it seems as if this will be a major setback. It seems as if LT 2ic, Tobercold, defaced the site. Why would he do it and what were his motives? Continue reading

The Flood Drowns Army Republic with Personal Attacks

Update: Rocks has issued an apology concerning his actions. A post shall be made on it soon.

WALRUS, Flood Nation – Over the last two days, Flood leader Rocks has been taking action against Army Republic owners and SM Army Central members. A man known for defacing S/M Army sites, are his actions justified? Continue reading

Valid Warriors Caught Stealing Pictures

SNOW GLOBE, Valid Warriors Empire – Just a week old, Valid Warriors have been accused of taking pictures from Dark Warriors and numerous armies. SM Army Press have launched an investigation into these accusations, and we’ve discovered that the Valid Warriors have been stealing pictures.

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