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Have we forgotten to cover an important event, or piece of news? Do you have an idea for a philosophy or editorial? Help us out by informing us of any news, editorial or philosophy topics you feel we should cover! If you would like to write a post yourself, you may write a post to be posted HERE! If not, please use the following form to submit your topic in a comment below:

1. What is your name?

2. What is the topic? If it focuses on an army, please provide website and chat link if possible.

Thank you for using the Inform Us page. We look forward to reading through your ideas!


6 Responses

  1. 1. Ben (Striking Soldiers Creator)

    2. Night Vikings and Striking Soldiers are now Enemies.

    Here is Night Vikings post about declaring war –


  2. 1. TheBlueKing (Orange Troopers Creator

    2. New ARMY names Orange Troopers. . No chat box


  3. 1. wolfalb (mystic leader)

    2. my army the mystics were just created are opening event maxed 3 we have a chat box


  4. isilana112

    the orange armoda took zipline from the coursers come to are website for proof


  5. Akshay(coolskater5)my old xat name was honey
    the news is about dcp.They are selling ranks!!
    these are some proofs –


  6. Legoguy30 New Leader of the Water Troops

    Water Troops making a comeback , with a new beginning and a new community and family!


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