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Here you can send us a post if you are not part of our staff team. Fill out the form below with your post (500+ words with 2 pictures or more). If you want specific formatting, put it in brackets after the word(s), for example for something to be bold put “bold” in parentheses, or if you want color put the required color in parentheses.


Attention Getter

All posts must be started with one of these, also known as a “lead”.  Some posts can be exempt (Top Tens, important news regarding SMAC, etc.), however the only people posting those are the higher ups.  Therefore, all reporters must use this.

SERVER NAME, Army Nation- A one sentence summary of the events that happened.

Write the name of the server in all capital letters.  If you’re doing a battle report on, let’s say, Klondike, “KLONDIKE” should be used as the server name.  If we use the same example (a battle report), then just put “Invasion”.  Example:

KLONDIKE, Invasion- As the first day ends in the war between Arctic Warriors and Club Penguin Union, one army emerges victorious in today’s battle(s).

Note that that example was only for a BATTLE REPORT consisting of TWO ARMIES and if the battle was unclear, a victor has not been decided, or the battle has yet to happen.  Otherwise, all other leads should look as follows:

MIGRATOR, Pirates Nation- In a surprising turn of events, Waterkid100, re-creator of the Pirates, has been removed from the leadership; quite possibly permanently.


“Read more”

Notice how this is only one sentence (you may add more but nothing more than four).  You may also add pictures, but do that after you have written the lead.  Remember to align the picture in the middle, as all pictures should in your post.  Regarding where to put the “read more”, always press enter when placing it.

If the post is regarding SMAC:

KLONDIKE, SMAC Headquarters- As an executive decision by popular demand, Jodie has been fired for being a dingo.


Be creative, professional, and smart about what to use.  Never align paragraphs to the middle, that is solely for pictures.  Unless you are doing an interview, but there are two types of interviews that I will cover later (scroll down).  Try not to make the paragraphs too long.  You do not want to scare the reader away of the length of the post, and it’s easy to fake the length by having lots of paragraphs.  Usually they contain about four to five well worded sentences.

Don’t be afraid to use color, but only ONCE.  When you name an army for the first time in the post, bold it and color the text to the color of the army.  Only do this for the first time you address the army in a post.


Two parts to every conclusion: you wrap up the subject of the post, and the second is prompting readers to comment.  These two parts should be in two paragraphs.  The second paragraph should be aligned to the middle.

Waterkid100 has been reinstated to the leader position in the army’s attempt to get back up on their feet. There is still debate whether he can lead the army and get others to join, but most people are happy to see him back.  In the comments below there was a conversation whether Pirates could ever survive without him.  People agreed that he is the reason the army is still alive today.

What do YOU think?  Will the Pirates be able to survivor without Waterkid100?  Or will they do better?  Let us know in the comments below!

That’s all there is to post formatting. Extracts were taken from my post,‘Waterkid100 Banned from Pirates?’



There are two styles to an interview.  The first, and the most common, is the heading one where it is easy to spot.  Always be sure to quote them exactly how they wrote it, unless they made a typo obviously fix it for them.

Interview with SMAC CEO, Bepboy

SMAC: What plans do SMAC have in store for the community?

Bepboy: We plan on destroying everything.

SMAC: That sounds controversial.  What steps are you taking to accomplish this?

Bepboy: We are going to brain wash the weak and then capture the strong, and force them to fight for our cause.

And then in the next paragraph, you sum up your feelings about the interview and cover what the person said.

How You’ll Be Evaluated


How well can the reporter

  • Report and communicate information in a clear manner?
  • Ensure that their own personal opinion and bias does not influence the post?
  • Support their post with detail and images?
  • Integrate quotes and conduct interviews?
  • Investigate a topic effectively and draw conclusions from information?
  • Prompt for reader interaction?

Structure and Language:

How well can the reporter

  • Use correct grammar, punctuation and syntax?
  • Express facts in a well-structured, logical, sequential and coherent manner?
  • Create a professional-looking and aesthetically-pleasing  post that follows accepted post formatting conventions?
  • Utilize appropriate text formatting tools?
  • Use appropriate register, tone and style?
  • Was the use of “I” too prominent?

Good luck!

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